The Mani-Fest Package


4 Day Event Lineup:

Living the Mystical Life Daily 3 Conference, Oct. 26-27

The No Drug Mystical Experience Retreat. Oct. 28-29


Early Bird: $2000 until July 31, 2024

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Members-only event: LMLD membership included in ticket price.


Join us for this 4-Day Event, featuring Living the Mystical Life Daily 3 Conference (LMLD 3) & The No Drug Mystical Experience Retreat. Join us for in-person presentations by the Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis, Laura Massey (Two Feathers Medicine), Dale Tobin (Symmetry of Health), David Ellis (Universal Citizen Media) and Amy Kruzic (Universal Citizen Media) at LMLD 3. And enjoy live demonstrations of Combined Healing Therapies at the conference. Then dive into group healing experiences and guided meditations with our ALL NEW Ambisonic multidimensional surround sound experience at The No Drug Mystical Experience Retreat.

Become a Mani-festor and manifest this incredible opportunity for growth, healing & mystical journeying!


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Renowned Spiritual Hosts

Including Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis, Two Feathers Medicine with Laura Massey, Symmetry of Health with Dale Tobin, and Universal Citizen Media with David Ellis & Amy Kruzic.


Beautiful Location

This event will take place in the historic McMenamins Hotel Oregon nestled in the Willamette Valley. This area is known by some local folklore for it's healing potential and is situated in beautiful wine country. Reserve your lodging today!


Opportunities for Growth

Embark on a transformative adventure, where the immersive spiritual experiences & teachings provide countless opportunities for inner growth, personal reflection, and a deeper connection with oneself & a like-minded community. 

Your Hosts

Participate in healing experience like no other with an extraordinary team of spiritual guides. Join Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian, as he unlocks the secrets of the Akashic Records, revealing the tapestry of our universe.

Experience sacred self-mastery with Laura Massey (Two Feathers Medicine), a shamanic healer devoted to global healing. And witness Dale Tobin's (Symmetry of Health) unparalleled expertise in energy healing and psychic surgery.

LMLD 3 Conference

Living the Mystical Life Daily is back! 

Join us for this highly anticipated event! After a brief hiatus, we are thrilled to announce the next rendition of our Living the Mystical Life Daily 2-Day Conference in person - featuring new teachings, guided meditations, and captivating presentations by the esteemed Andrew Bartzis and the masterful Galactic Historian Team.

Sample our cutting-edge Combined Healing Therapies, in person, including access to the rare Lucia Light, PEMF mat therapy for grounding, and our ALL NEW, innovative ambisonic experience. Have an opportunity to book individual sessions with our healing practitioners, and much more. Don't miss this unique opportunity for personal growth and connection. Reserve your spot today!

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The No Drug Mystical Experience Retreat

Drawing inspiration from the powerful Combined Healing Therapy System, this 2-Day group experience offers a unique opportunity to explore a mystical journey without the use of drugs or hallucinogens.

Immerse yourself in a guided healing journey, utilizing our state-of-the-art Ambisonic system, designed to envelop you in sound from all directions and lead you into a deep delta wave state. Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience that will elevate your spiritual practice and leave you rejuvenated. Secure your spot today!


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  • In-person presentations by renowned experts such as Andrew Bartzis, Laura Massey, Dale Tobin, David Ellis and Amy Kruzic

  • Live demonstrations of Combined Healing Therapies

  • ALL NEW Ambisonic Therapy Experience

  • Group healing experiences and guided meditations at The No Drug Mystical Experience Retreat

  • Get your copy of Living the Mystical Life Daily eCourse - included for all attendees!

  • Join our membership when you register for the event & become eligible for exclusive bonus offers and additional perks!


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