My Story

Hi, I'm Andrew

Galactic Historian


My journey began when I was nine years old and I was at a baseball game with my dad. I was enjoying the roar of the crowd at the bottom of the ninth in a tie game as our team scored a homerun. Then it happened… In an instant, my perception grew to the size of the stadium and I was suddenly aware of all the 80,000 people in attendance.

Since then I have learned that this world of experiential reality was changing rapidly. The fundamental rules that we were told about reality weren’t necessarily alive, but a set of belief structures which were what created the experience, and the experience was being recorded in the Akashic Records. I understood that in the sacred neutral position, there was and is no polarity. The information was the information. And on it went as my mind and heart grew with each new question I asked and each new answer I received, to bring me to this ever moment of Now.

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