Who Is Andrew Bartzis?


Andrew Bartzis, also known as the Galactic Historian, offers transformative opportunities for personal growth through private coaching sessions, online eCourses, in person gatherings, live shows and more! With over a quarter century of experience as an Akashic reader and master healer, Andrew brings forth ancient wisdom and powerful tools to support your personal and spiritual evolution.

Through a warm, light-hearted approach and a sacred neutral state of no-time, Andrew facilitates profound shifts in consciousness, empowering you to reclaim your innate wisdom and potential. By guiding you through the process of contract revocations and self-healing, Andrew assists you in breaking free from limitations, embracing your authentic self, and manifesting lasting change in your life.

"It is within the sacred neutral heart and the expression of our connection to the Earth, that all Sentients understand the truth, a truth that has no polarity. If there are beings out there that perceive truth as polarity, that is their charge to work with, and it is their sovereign experience to work through."

- Andrew Bartzis


Why Work With Andrew?


What sets Andrew apart is his unparalleled ability to access the Akashic Records with clarity and precision, offering deep insights and healing on a soul level.

His commitment to sharing information from a sacred neutral state and empowering individuals to reclaim their sovereignty distinguishes him as a trusted guide on the path to self-discovery & transformation.

He brings with him more than two decades of experience in mentorship and consultation for countless clients working towards their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellness.

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Powerful Information & Personal Empowerment

"Oh my word! Wow super powerful, packed with liquid gold cylinders of information, protection, clearing and empowerment. I have replayed and replayed. My hand is nearly numb from writing it all down . Herein, Andrew provides major information to help ourselves and empower us to think in new ways to view ourselves and how we can contribute to this moment of now and our seven future generations. Andrew thanks for sharing! You are blowing my mind!"

- Vania

Gain Confidence in Your Professional Goals

"Awesome. I had my reading last week and Andrew brought up all the ideas I have been toying with for years, giving me the confidence to move forward with them. He helped me prioritize and put things into perspective. The best business adviser imaginable, with total hindsight, foresight and insight. Thank you Andrew, you improve everything you touch."

- Martha



Feel Hopeful for the Present & Future

"Andrew thank you for all you do.

This is very helpful and needed.

I am in awe now and really feel hopeful about what we are all doing here at this moment."

 - Susan




Feeling stuck and disconnected from your true purpose & potential?

Are you seeking clarity and guidance to break free from limiting beliefs and step into your power? Do you find yourself struggling to uncover your true path in life, feeling lost in a sea of uncertainty and confusion? 

Imagine having access to a transcendent teacher, Shaman, and Reiki master who can delve into the Akashic Records of our planet and guide you towards reclaiming your sovereign free will. Through Andrew Bartzis's profound teachings, you will gain unexpected insights, release blockages, and align with your true purpose to experience peace, joy, and fulfillment.

By working with Andrew Bartzis in a one-on-one setting, you can explore your unique energetic field, uncovering dream weave patterns that hold the key to unlocking your highest potential. Through his sacred neutral perspective and deep connection to the Akashic Records, Andrew can help you navigate past traumas, release outdated beliefs, and step into a new paradigm of self-illumination.

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