Light Language Elevation Teachings

The Return of the Universal Citizen

In the first part of this unique teaching, we bring you The Universal Citizen, written and read by Andrew Bartzis, and translated into 3 different Light Languages by Dale Tobin, Maty Waller and Laura Massey, so you may experience the journey of hearing language based in Time and Language based in No Time.

Learning Light Language is a Rite of Passage available to all those who chose to embrace a Spiritual Life Walk and is enhanced by daily practices based in Heart-spaced awareness, Unconditional Love, Equal Cocreation and Non Competition. 

Light Language is the expression of the moment, and is a cocreation between you and your natural surrounding energies or environment. Be it rivers, lakes, oceans, rocks, trees - all sentient beings. It is the interaction of the energies at that present moment that creates the light language linguistics, which is why it is so unique to each individual speaking it.

With this teaching, we bring you the frequencies of our moment in time interaction with the very potent and high frequency teaching The Universal Citizen. It is a document that naturally lends itself to the flow of light language as it covers the basic teachings of a sacred neutral life path, the blending of spiritual practices and cocreating with the ever present moment. Just what light language is! 

So immerse yourself here in the wonders and beauty of Light Language so your DNA memories may be triggered. Allow the different linguistics to expand the teachings within The Universal Citizen many fold, to enhance your consciousness journey and open you up to your own exquisite multidimensionality and practicing your own Language of Light.

The Fetus in the Womb Journey

The second of our Light Language series is where we explore our infinite potential streams as the Blueprint of the Fetus in the Womb. Using 3 Light Languages, Andrew BartzisDale Tobin and Laura Massey, connect initially to that fetus in the womb, teaching you how to use sacred light language to return in time to a state of innocence. Andrew then guides this teaching through the cycles of early childhood from ages 1 to 6, to open up the dreamstream and disconnect from negative dreamworlds. To begin to undo the effects of the forgetting as we came through the birth canal. At each age, we connect forward and backwards in time, to our fetus in the womb to our present in the moment ancient future selves, highlighting how using light language at each stage amplifies the inner work of healing childhood traumas by connecting us to our freewill and our infinite stream of potentials, embedding the infinite potentials within. Listen and allow this teaching to help you access your original blueprint infinite potentials and initiate or expand your own light language journey through journeying with us, using your own light language if you choose.