Time Travel Webinar

Laura Lee, Andrew Bartzis, Peter Moon, Douglas Dietrich.
This exciting, new and unprecedented TIME-TRAVEL WEBINAR experience begins on
January 3rd 2016 beginning at 10:00 AM PST.

All of the participants are breaking new ground as they speak to each other in preparation for this special event of over 4 HOURS of comprehensive knowledge and application!

And as a BONUS you will receive the introductory and first video of Peter Moon’s new audios entitled “Time Travel Theory Explained”.

These are just a taste of what they'll be covering:

  • Metaphysics of Time
  • Collective Reality
  • Time Travel India
  • Grey Matter Programs
  • Responsible Time Travel
  • Montauk and Romania
  • Psychic Self Defense/Awareness/Discernment
  • Spiritual Hygiene
  • Epigenetic engineer
  • Synchronicity and the 7th Seal book with Peter Moon
  • And so much more there's not enough room to mention!
So go ahead and click purchase this webinar to begin this experience and receive your BONUS video now!