The Spring Equinox and Solstice Grand Fire Ceremony Course

Spring Equinox

Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian, is on a mission to enlighten us with ancient knowledge and forgotten future knowledge. This Special Event was created and produced for all of us because knowledge is power. It takes knowledge to become sacred neutral. 
During this Spring Equinox Special Event, we had a guided Equinox Meditation with Andrew, a Light Language Address to the World and the People, a stream read of this moment of Now and what it holds and an overview of the significance of the Spring Equinox and how it affects you in your every day life.

This Spring Equinox Special Event is pack-loaded with surprises!

The Cycle Has Begun!  


Solstice Grand Fire Ceremony

The journey within begins in a moments sigh. Join us by the fire as we co-create a timeless Ceremony for all to experience outside of time!

Come see the ceremony being created from start to finish in this 2nd part of our Equinox-Solstice series. Andrew takes us through the preparation of the wood, the building of the fires and so much more!

Hear Andrew's words in sacred ceremony frequency surrounded by the burning fires as he gives information that is new for our time.

This solstice ceremony is the blueprint to spiritual hygiene: learn how to build your fire - inner and outer - engage with its essence and see how it transforms your experience of light into eternal fire.

See the proper use of sacred geometry from the core of the fire ceremony: a complete, step by step process of how to build and prepare every aspect of a fire ceremony.

Learn about the 7 directions teaching and it's meanings. More importantly, WATCH IT HAPPENING and feel the love of all that is, as Andrew takes us through the teachings of nature, the crow, the coyote, and many many others!

Sacred Geometry from the eagle's perspective: five fires simultaneously burning and viewed from 700 ft above the ground. Yes, FIVE fires. See what our star brothers and sisters see from the skies..

And now for the first time shown in sacred action:

32 crystalline beeswax tools,

nearly 800 pounds of crystals around the fire (no, it is not a typo)

so You can experience this no-time Event.

This is the first time these GH created tools have been recorded on film and shown to the public: you will get to see him/them in action.

Reg. $220
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