Dragons Uncovered I & II - Ebook (PDF)

Dragons Uncovered I

  • What is Dragon? What are the Dragon Triad Armies?
  • What is the purpose of Dragon and why are we so entwined with them still to this day?
  • Why do some Dragons hold a pearl? What does the symbol of Dragon mean?
  • What types of Dragons are there? How do you recognize one?
  • What are the Dragon families purpose and how do they operate?
  • The relationship between Earth and Dragons. Dragon tattoo’s the history and magic behind them.
  • The Mahabharata; how Dragons where affected and what Hollow Earth has to do with it all.

Dragons Uncovered II

  • Deeper understandings of what Dragon means to our worlds and realities.
  • Advanced Dragon Talk. Dragons and DNA lineages. Imprinting of Dragon force onto the masses.
  • The Dragon magic behind ink and signatures.
  • Dragon Clans and Dragon Elemental energy.
  • Martial Arts and Dragon connections. The Dragons and their roles in the Galactic Ascension machine process.
  • What Dragons and Genghis Khan have in common.