Advancement Guided Body and Soul Journey 2

Our very own Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian, together with Laura Massey and Maty Waller of Two Feathers Medicine and Dale Tobin from Dale Tobin - Symmetry of health present this Andrew Bartzis and Two Feathers Medicine - New Teachings, The Advancement Guided Body and Soul Journey 2.

These recorded videos, will be guiding you with your Meridian Meditation and Butterfly Guided Meditation and will be providing you a bonus material Andrew's Snake and Skunk Medicine.

Meridian Meditation

A deep relaxation from the tips of your fingers and toes, carried inward as our chakra colors. Join us and develop your own imagery as you visualize these lights and colors filling and travelling your meridians. Transmuting unhealed energies to reveal the eternal being you are. Hear our voices cocreate the visualization with you. Together, let’s journey the meridians and fill your body with healing color.

Butterfly Guided Meditation

The Butterfly enters our Sacred Point of View in this beautiful guided meditation of exploration of mind, body and spirit. As we seek the chrysalis of life, the butterfly takes us on a journey teaching internal transformation as the externals of the meditation landscape change. Add to this with your own cocreation of visualization. Powerful indeed.

Bonus Material
Andrew's Snake and Skunk Medicine

Read by Andrew himself, this beautiful teaching - meditation goes deep within the ceremonial fire to uncover Snakes Message to you. What will you visualize and cocreate with Snake Medicine? Transmutation within the messages of Snake is here for you to embrace if you so choose. Skunk will bring to you your medicine needs as he too comes to the ceremonial fire. Deep questions are posed to you here within this meditation. Are you ready to cocreate with the pure potency offered here? Welcome to this Dreamtime Teaching of many layers to be rediscovered each time you listen.