April 2024 Mentorship Program

Welcome Fellow Consciousness Travelers! This Mentorship Program is an opportunity to transcend mediocrity and gain a deeper understanding of oneself. It offers a transformative journey of self-discovery and internal awareness, challenging participants to let go of external drama. The course provides tools for healing past, present, and future traumas, enabling individuals to raise their frequency and maintain higher perspectives for advanced healing & spiritual growth. Begin your journey towards self-mastery with Andrew Bartzis as your guide.

Andrew will meet with the mentorship groups every other Friday afternoon from 2:00pm to 4:00pm EST. There will be homework and self development techniques for you to work on each week. 😊

This course session is 8 weeks long.
- Level 1 Students Starting Friday April 5th;
- Level 2 Students Starting Friday April 12th;
It is administered through Zoom.

You'll also receive two incredible half hour private sessions with Andrew. :)