Galactic History 2.0

Galactic History 2.0 is another very important thing in the fires of creation right now that we want you to know. The events unfolding at present many of you have no doubt and innate sense something big is occurring. Andrew has absolutely been activated by them. We have offered you many shows over the years offering you components to this but there still remain enormous gaps.

Many of you may be thorough consciousness explorers and explore many teachers which we absolutely encourage if you do. The thing is though from what we have seen out there is very few have any answers right now either. Very few actually can perceive what is going on. A huge number are lost and searching for answers. Greater numbers will be going forth. Even worse, many teachers are leading a huge volume of people down information paths that potentially have enormous consequences on them. All these variables have made us here contemplate what we can do to step up further. So far Andrew has sensed it wasn’t his time to do so though. Following a very significant event that occurred during the week in the early hours of March 31st 2020, we feel that time is now.

Something has been occurring relative to this of late until the time was right. Over the last 6 - 12 months specifically but definitely increasing in frequency recently, Andrew and Andre Hodge have had many profoundly deep and expansive conversations. Andrew has flown in his perceptions into areas not ever experienced before. These are incredible in their own right and incredible conversations involving other species but seemingly independent and random in nature. With no real connection or purpose other than just enormously interesting bubbling up into Andrew’s awareness warranting exploration but also probably way to advanced for the majority also justifying the holding back of content to. Other than testing with very advanced students here and there to see what they get from parts.

What we have come to realize now in hindsight of the event mentioned from earlier in the week is we actually have been putting together components of a vast puzzle that now makes a lot more sense which will explain a lot as to what is going on now. The puzzle we feel worthy of the next installment of Andrew’s Galactic History. We feel we now have content worthy of Galactic History Pt2.0 release. We know this is an enormous call. It is also the time for us to offer something massive to humanity. The content is going to blow you away.

It will be very different to the first Galactic History released in 2013. We will be looking to offer as a product via Andrew’s website for the price of a healing in the form of many audio files you can access and listen to. With huge numbers in lockdown all using the internet, we need to offer it in a way that will still be accessible in the environment we all find ourselves in. This feels ideal and the quickest way we can setup all the recordings because we are talking around 40 hrs worth at this stage.