Psychic Defense

We are offering a unique opportunity for those wanting to advance their own understanding of the unseen world around them just in time for Halloween

The Galactic Historian presents:



In 2018, Andrew Bartzis went where he has not gone before in starting a series of classes introducing and sharing what has not been ever publicly shared before.

Are you tired? Drained? Confused and foggy? Do you experience lost dream space? Cyclical depression, OCD, chronic pain or a myriad of other issues? Do you have self defeating or violent thoughts or images that come to you that you know are not your own creation? Are you always encountering people and situations that trigger rage or fear? This is the class for you to take back the steering wheel of your source of power and consciously co create this life with a solid, fortified bubble of reality.

Andrew is offering a once in a lifetime course, this will be based around psychic defense and fortifying your reality.

This is an intensive class with homework. This is not an instant gratification class. This is a mentorship/tutoring teaching of what works and what doesn't work in psychic defense.

You will be challenged with aspects of yourself which does not want to heal. 

  • This class is to teach you how to fortify your reality
  • Ritual and ceremony that creates real lasting protection within the physical body, energy bodies, in the home and work space
  • Light Language teachings to reclaim your sovereign reality
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly Advanced Spiritual Hygiene Practices
  • Specialized Contract revocation for entity removal from persons and spaces
  • Entity identification process and discernment skills
  • Teachings for not taking on entities from clients, family or friends 
  • Healing meditations for recovery from entity attacks
  • Advanced recipes for healing wellness, dealing with long term issues
  • Busting the Myths and the practices that do not work as Psychic Defense.

* Please note that you must do PSYCHIC DEFENSE 1 in order to attend the PSYCHIC DEFENSE 2 class.

You have infinite love and co-creating within you, but, at this moment, you must truly choose to be the disentangled observer.  Go into that heart space. Create that vision in your mind, and engage those thoughts, "Sacred, neutral observer. Information cannot change me.  It expands my knowingness, or contracts my knowingness, based on how “I am now” understood and processed."

By making that sovereign choice to be the disentangled observer of the self means you get the fullest versions of yourself in the here and the now.  You are the apex of your own hierarchical order. Say that in your mental heart space. "I am the apex of my own hierarchical order, and no other hierarchical system has control and domination within me."