Mystery Schools Ebook Bundle (PDF)

You will discover the answers to everything mentioned, including:

  • What are the secrets of Mystery schools that have never been revealed?
  • How did mystery schools utilize time travel?  Is it possible to learn or understand time travel in this reality?
  • What is the secret to immortality?  How were souls ‘imprinted’ onto bodies?
  • Why were certain beings ‘captured’ Out of timelines?
  • What are “remote viewers”?  How to protect yourself from remote viewing.
  • How to remove or change any ‘fine print’ in contracts places on you
  • How to ‘take sovereign control’ and plan out your own lifetimes without being a pawn
  • What is the zero point function of this reality? What is the meaning of this creation and our lives?
  • What is the second purpose of this reality?
  • Do mystery schools trade students?  And if so how can you tell if you were traded?
  • How did one ‘mystery school’ used ‘A simple Hug” as a technique to change the world and heal others – even removing life-threatening illnesses?
  • What were the unwritten truths of history that the ‘victors’ left out?
  • What are the ‘hidden’ mystery schools – Andrew will reveal many known and unknown mystery school names.  For example… certain well known churches…
  • What is the “great betrayal” Of the mystery schools?  How can we prepare for it?
  • What did earth mother contract the mystery schools for?  What does she hope to get from them now?