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April 2024 Mentorship Program

Transcend mediocrity & begin your journey towards self-mastery with Andrew as your guide. Elevate your frequency and heal past, present & future traumas. Enroll in our upcoming session today for profound spiritual growth. 


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Living the Mystical Life Monthly Membership

Become a Member Today! Be part of a growing community of consciously evolving light-minded people. Here you will find all of Andrew’s exclusive, for “your ears only” teachings and methodologies.


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The Basics of Spirituality Bootcamp Part I

Awaken your spiritual potential today: Discover the secrets of spirituality through this boot camp! You will be joined by your guides, Andrew Bartzis, Dale Tobin, Maty Waller, and Laura Massey, as they take you on a journey into self-discovery and how to live a day-to-day spiritual practice.


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Combined Healing & Paranormal Rangers Training Tour

Are you ready to invest in your healing like never before? Body, mind and spirit? Are you ready to discover the wonders of self illumination? To rebalance and develop your consciousness? To experience the wellness that Combined Therapies can bring? Join our June 2024 York Tour with The Paranormal Rangers and embark on a Journey of Healing with us!


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