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April 2024 Mentorship Program

Transcend mediocrity & begin your journey towards self-mastery with Andrew as your guide. Elevate your frequency and heal past, present & future traumas. Enroll in our upcoming session today for profound spiritual growth. 


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Living the Mystical Life Monthly Membership

Become a Member Today! Be part of a growing community of consciously evolving light-minded people. Here you will find all of Andrew’s exclusive, for “your ears only” teachings and methodologies.


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The Basics of Spirituality Bootcamp Part I

Awaken your spiritual potential today: Discover the secrets of spirituality through this boot camp! You will be joined by your guides, Andrew Bartzis, Dale Tobin, Maty Waller, and Laura Massey, as they take you on a journey into self-discovery and how to live a day-to-day spiritual practice.


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