Living the Mystical Life Daily  
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Questions Asked:

- I'm finding it difficult to imagine the exercise walking to true north where all the chakras going up the leg and down again. After they go down the leg does the light go back to earth or towards the north, south, east and west? If its difficult to imagine these things, does it still have impact on our spiritual growth?

- Andrew, I’ve heard you mention that we deal with the Akashic records every day as everyday people. What is the purpose of the brain? Is it a quantum akashic record radio receiver/transmitter? If all memories are recorded in the Akashic records is that why scientists have not been able to locate/target specific memories in the brain? Do the neural synapses in the brain realign to find the specific location of memories within the Akashic records (like a self-tuning radio station)?

- I have seen many visions during the sun gazing technique. How can we best decipher what the symbols mean? How can we connect with these messages to provide expansion in our lives? Thank you for your insight xx

- Is there any particular diet we should follow with these exercises?

- For someone that has a really hard time with remembering to do daily meditation or ceremony what can be a really easy thing to start with?

- How can one tell if the mystical experiences occurring throughout their life is real or fraud reality? Namaste

- How do you resolve feeling separate from others through spiritual practice? Feeling like an outsider or different (the victim/spiritual ego)

- How do we know the entrainment between the heart and the head is clear and pure, thus our discernment being efficient and effective?

- Will visualising our brain over our heart during these processes of aligning our chakras & sun gazing enhance these techniques? Thank you grin emoticon xx

- When I do sun gazing .. i see the sacred geometry .. is this the Earth grid or my own aura that is visible?

- Can we have more than one incarnation simultaneously on This planet earth now

- Are Tattoos neutral? Is it OKAY to tattoo mystical or personal charmed symbols for protection? Or does it attract psychic attacks?

- Please Andrew - how can I/we clear connections through all timelines to dark entities/NAA that are affecting me/us now? How does one find complete freedom from this, can you please share? Thanks so much.

- The different types of soul groups and levels from source to oversoul to higher self, to soul and shards. Thank you

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