Private Coaching Session

with Andrew Bartzis

Who is Andrew Bartzis?

I began in the restaurant business, then became a construction worker, then became a limousine driver. All of these paths were platforms for me, to observe life and different stages of life.

I was able to interact with people from all walks of life. Experience their stages of life and grief or elation. I was able to see states of happiness to sadness, from positive to negative, the full gamut of emotions. I made a conscious decision to transcend this duality and to contemplate a life beyond that. I made myself a source of transcendence and linked in to a higher state of being.

It was at that point in my journey I decided to personally illuminate other people with my connection to the stream of consciousness. And to inspire through reading the Akashic records and giving them resolution in many forms.

This process is called one to one calling of the singularity. I wanted to give that of myself to create real change, as you need one on one learning and collective learning to really transform. The collective we-learning process is important so that one has reflections of equal co-creation. However, I have learned that it is also important to have single focus and individual private time with me. So that I can read just you. So that I can point the way and give you the tools to climb out of your limitations to bring you to self-illumination.


What is a private coaching session?

I start with the present you, which is who you are at that exact moment of reading. I connect with you through the seeing of dream time energy that is embedded in your unique energetic field. Which has all the dreams you’ve held since the day of your birth. When I read these energies, I see, hear, feel and know the highs and lows of your dream-time needs. It’s like building a web of your life that is connected, just like a spider’s web, to all the choices you’ve made in this lifetime and the ones previous which I call dream weave patterns. The only reason I’m able to do this is because I’m seeing this from a sacred neutral point of view.

I know that the nature of all people is to be empathic and to know without knowing why. The reading evolves from me, as the sacred neutral Observer, recording what I see, hear, feel, smell and know. Once this code is understood, the reading moves along as the various dream time societies. And Akashic Record perspectives come forward to help co-create the reading and the message of self-healing.

I invite you to come join me in a one on one reading. Let me help you uncover what has always been in you and allow it to flourish and reconnect you so that you can create the miraculous and heal what has been forgotten. Within a session, I will guide you through your dream weave and read your streams to lift you to a higher state of being and invoke in you spiritual healing.

I want you to have incredible breakthroughs, to shed the old thoughts of separation and once again become whole.

Normally my sessions are $1000 for an hour and $500 for half an hour but I'm giving you a discount because you've invested in yourself with the product you purchased. Please take advantage of this one-time offer by purchasing and scheduling your session today!

Talk to you soon!


How to book a session

This short video will guide you through how to book you akashic Reading with Andrew. Please note you will be required to record your own session.

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