Greetings Fellow Consciousness Explorers,

The Summer Solstice period is upon us! A time to hold Sacred Ceremony… A time for new beginnings! Are You Ready?

Have you ever...

  • Wanted to authentically hold your own sacred Solstice Fire Ceremony?
  • Desired to know what Solstice is all about?
  • Wondered what power lies in the Solstice event and how to access it?
  • Sought to find a system for your own Enlightenment and Self Illumination?
  • Needed a system for engaging the sacred moment of the now intentionally?

Pondered what it is to live mystically...spiritually empowered daily?


You can now learn and develop yourself in the arts of Sacred Fire Ceremony AND Living a Mystical Life daily, with a Master Teacher, Shaman, and Guide.

Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian,

is on a mission to enlighten us with ancient knowledge, forgotten future knowledge, as well as ancient Shamanic teachings. Knowledge is power and it is what propels us to become sacred neutral, self illuminated masters of our own making.

Solstice Grand Fire Ceremony Course

The journey within begins in a moments sigh. Join us by the fire as we co-create a timeless Ceremony for all to experience outside of time!  Gather, prepare and set your Intentions while you follow Andrew’s purposeful shamanic methods and guidance in every detail to create and administer your own Sacred Fire Ceremony.

The Grand Fire Ceremony Solstice is a never before filmed, once in a lifetime training on the art of Sacred Fire in application to the powerful energies of the Solstice.  Watch and learn how to build ‘intentionally’ the sacred fire with preparation, intent and purposefulness, as your own Self Illuminated Master.

  • Learn how to build your fire - inner and outer - engage with its essence and see how it transforms your experience of light into eternal fire.
  • See the proper use of sacred geometry from the core of the fire ceremony: a complete, step by step process of how to build and prepare every aspect of a fire ceremony.
  • Call to the fire to bless, heal, reintegrate and align all that is ready to be aligned.

Learn about the 7 directions teaching and it's meaning. More importantly, WATCH IT HAPPENING and feel the love of all that is, as Andrew takes us through the teachings of nature, the crow, the coyote, and many, many others!

Living The Mystical Life Daily Online Course

Follow Andrew’s purposeful methods to transcending your limiting beliefs and discovering your life path, all through the conscious application of these sacred teachings.

  • Learn the steps necessary in achieving the sacred neutral, the true function of the heart, true spiritual journeys and how the symbiotic world works within you and everyone else. This is the path of the master, the next step for you.
  • Andrew will show you how to make the mundane in your life a truly mystical experience.
  • He’ll teach you how to rediscover your unlimited self with simple yet profound meta-teaching-tations – teachings within a meditation that you yourself record and listen too – as your tools of transformation.
  • It’s time to become your own Self-Illuminated Master.
  • It’s time to no longer be afraid of what you’re giving up but to own your own divine power.
  • It’s time to go beyond the maturity of adulthood and be the child again with the wisdom earned from many lifetimes.

We present this complete package of Andrew’s Living The Mystical Life Daily Six Week Online Course and the Solstice Grand Fire Ceremony Course, available only through this Solstice period. Original total value at USD $1092...

Now both for an incredible price of USD $397

Act now before this Solstice window has passed, to engage Your Sacred Discipline and start Living Your Mystical Life Daily.


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