Grand Fire Ceremony Solstice Special Offer 2019

$397.00 USD

The Summer Solstice period is upon us!  A time to hold Sacred Ceremony… A time for new beginnings! Are You Ready?

Have you ever...

  • Wanted to authentically hold your own sacred Solstice Fire Ceremony?
  • Desired to know what Solstice is all about?
  • Wondered what power lies in the Solstice event and how to access it?
  • Sought to find a system for your own Enlightenment and Self Illumination?
  • Needed a system for engaging the sacred moment of the now intentionally?
  • Pondered what it is to live mystically...spiritually empowered daily?

You can now learn and develop yourself in the arts of Sacred Fire Ceremony AND “Living a Mystical Life” daily, with a Master Teacher, Shaman, and Guide.

Andrew Bartzis, The Galactic Historian, is on a mission to enlighten us with ancient knowledge, forgotten future knowledge, as well as ancient Shamanic teachings. Knowledge is power and it is what propels us to become sacred neutral, self illuminated masters of our own making.

We present this complete package of Andrew’s Living The Mystical Life Daily Six Week Online Course and the Solstice Grand Fire Ceremony Course, available only through this Solstice period. Original total value at USD $1092...  

Now both for an incredible price of USD $397

Act now before this Solstice window has passed, to engage Your Sacred Discipline and start Living Your Mystical Life Daily.

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