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Learn the sacred art of becoming your own Self-Illuminated Master of the Now.

Follow Andrew’s purposeful methods to transcending your limiting beliefs and discovering your life path, all through the conscious application of these sacred teachings.

This is what you’ll receive in this comprehensive program:

1.    Living the Mystical Life Daily 6-Week Online Course (Value $997) Brand new 6-week mystical training course on how to become your own self-illuminated Master. This is for anyone on the path of mastery, whether beginner or advanced. Once you enroll, the modules are released every week for 6 weeks but you have access for life and can go at your own pace.

2.    Bonus #1: The Alchemy Course! (Value $197) This Alchemy course is an all-encompassing expression on how to change the energy around yourself and your environment. You’ll learn in depth information on how crystals can change your environment and how the bio electric life force illuminates everything around us.

3.    Bonus#2: The Equinox and Solstice Course! (Value $147) Growth, renewal, change, shedding of the old, these are some the words we use to describe the cycles of nature. They’re also cycles that we can use for ourselves to become the embodiment of what these words mean. It’s about new life, new beginnings and growing into new potentials and realities. You’ll learn exactly how in this course!

You get ALL this as a part of Living the Mystical Life Daily Online Course

PLUS One Year Free Living The Mystical Life Membership!

What’s it worth to learn these timeless teachings and leave mediocrity behind?

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LMLD Online Course + One Year FREE Membership $997.00 USD
Due Now $997.00 USD

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