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ANDREW BARTZIS together with DAVID ELLIS presents:

Adapting and Innovating Your Business In These Strange and Unusual Times

(FREE Business Webinar)

DATE: Thursday, March 4th 2021

TIME: 6:00 PM EST / 3:00 PM PST

During this FREE webinar we'll reveal how to thrive and maintain your center in times of crisis.

You'll learn how to effectively put your business online, how to get over yourself and start earning money without fear, and about how to remain sane when your financial situation is declining.

We'll also show you how to change your business and your outlook to one of success as opposed to just hanging on!

Some other topics we'll be discussing in the webinar include:

  • ✓     Why businesses without an online presence fail so miserably
  • ✓     How getting your business online is not as difficult as it seems
  • ✓     Why financial planning is essential to survive COVID
  • ✓     How to remain connected to your partner and family members
  • ✓     Details about simple strategies and software options which can start to make you a passive income
  • ✓     How to market yourself effectively in a climate of competition and restrictive social media algorithms



This is a FREE Webinar

If you'd like to stop wasting time worried about the next shoe to drop in this pandemic and dig yourself out of the financial hole COVID put you in, you don't want to miss my free webinar.


Register today to learn you can thrive in a climate of fear, uncertainty and ignorance.

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